Oh Christmas Tree…

This was an originally published in the FBCRR Sunday School/Biblical Community Info Sheet to express my gratitude to those that I labor with each and every week as we seek to teach God’s Word, develop community and share Christ’s love.  I share it here that you might enjoy  I would also ask that you take time to be still, be thankful, be grateful and to enjoy the reason behind the season.

treeLast night (December 8) I was looking at the family Christmas tree and decided to take this picture.  I so enjoy our Christmas tree.  This tree is masterfully decorated by my wife each year.  My role is to assemble the tree and string the lights.  Jeanne then begins to work her magic and soon the record of our lives unfolds.

In the tree you will find the little penguin ornaments from our first Christmas tree in Longview, TX.  Near the top of the tree you find a couple of Precious Moments Angels that mark the first Christmas that Jake and Luke joined the family.

You will find ornaments that were made in children’s Sunday School and placed on the tree as something to be treasured, and they have been.  You will find ornaments that were gifts from treasured family and friends that mark both time and place in our lives.  Some of those family members and friends are no longer with us and that only serves to increase the value of the ornament.

Yet, laying on a branch in the tree is a lone spike.  A simple rugged reminder that Christmas exists for a reason.  A lavish gift given.  A gift of life to be shared.  A loving relationship to be enjoyed.  An example to be followed and shared.

Jeanne and I would like to wish all those that labor with us in the great endeavor of Discipleship and Bible Study at FBCRR a Merry Christmas.   We treasure our relationship with each of you.

In Christ,


PS. To our many family and friends that read these posts,  we wish you a very Merry Christmas as well.