A Great Leadership Tip

Well, summer is officially over.  How do I know.  Jeanne has started back to school.  You see when the teachers head back to school to get ready for school.  The summer is over.  If you planned to get it done this summer, well time has expired.  At least at the Stehr house.

Our summer, like yours was a busy summer.  We packed as much into our summer as possible.  A family reunion, a visit to parents,  attended a few weddings including our son’s.  There were a few major church projects that developed and came to life over the summer as well.    Now, like my wife, I am getting ready for the new Sunday School Year.  I am very excited about the new year.

At our recent Sunday School/Biblical Community Quarterly Leaders Meeting I asked a series of question that I hope will help us do M.O.R.E.   Mobilize members for service. Organize and Train, Reach Out in Love and Engage in Bible Study and Worship.  As we do M.O.R.E. this fall, it is not a question of intent, but leadership.   As Sunday School/Biblical Community leaders people will follow our leader as we seek to personally do M.O.R.E.   It becomes a question of leadership.

Let me share a link with you to a simple little blog post that I enjoy called, One Simple, “Free, Exceptionally Great Leadership Tip” by Ron Edmondson.  It is really a great trip.  I try to practice this tip weekly if not daily.

In the post he give a short list of actions that make leaders approachable.

Ask questions.
Talk to people doing the work.
Let people ask you questions.
Smile. Engage.
Hear stories.
Get feedback and input.
Reinforce vision in person.

This is an excellent list.  However, the quote in the article that is most impacts me is: “ The best leadership is always done in real time, but with real people. Eyeball to eyeball. Face to face.”   Ron Edmondson is reminding me that the most important part of leadership is relationship.  

This fall as we look to lead our Sunday School/Biblical Community groups we need to take time to “spiritually” walk around with our class, take time to have real conversations, to hear stories.   This is beginning to sound a lot like a family home care group to me.


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