On Apology…

From time to time a friend post something that I would like to share. This post is in response to another post, but I believe it stands on its own about the subject of apology. I have been given permission to re-post by Mr. Love and feel his words and thoughts are worth consideration.


I Say Stuff -- E.A. Love

I’ve been blogging (with varied, unimpressive levels of consistency) for a few years now, and to “call a spade a spade,” I don’t see a ton of traffic. On a good day with the wind behind me, my mom, my wife, and (according to Google Analytics) a random person in Russia read my posts.  Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but let’s be honest, Ann Voskamp and I have two vastly different levels of readership.

And that’s totally okay; I’m nobody all that special or enlightened, so I don’t have any delusions that I’m pumping out revelations  everybody wants to (or needs to) spend their time reading.  I hope I have some helpful thoughts for others, but I’m writing mainly for myself most of the time anyhow.  I process  and seek to understand my own thoughts by writing them down, so the main beneficiary of my own writing is typically…

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